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Northern Ireland Affiliate Psychologists Forum
Minutes of Last Meeting


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This page will have a copy the minutes of the last meeting. We will update the page after each meeting.

Minutes of Forum - Thursday 15th May 2003.

Senior Medical Staff Room, Royal Victoria Hospital.



In Attendance

Sharon Hardiman, Rosa Carney, Jean Mc Erlean, Jane Mc Laughlin, Aideen O Lone, Declan Hanna, Loling Lam, Nicola Beattie, Susan Elliot, Katherine Boyd, Rachel Mc Glinchey, Irene Fowley, Anna Shepherd, Natalie Tierney, Trevor Wilson, Elaine Coss, Graham Connon.



Caitriona Hughes



Sarah Bravey, Laura Kildea, Laura Fleming, Angela Martin, Joanne Quinn, Fiona Dillon.



Hazel Du Soir on Routes to becoming a Clinical Neuropsychologist


minutes by Rosa Carney


Extra handouts from Ego-State Therapy are available for those who were unable to attend the talk in Ards Hospital.

There was an overview of questions asked at clinical training interviews. These will be added to the already established list by Caitriona Hughes.

No employment opportunities had arisen.

University College Galway interviews coming up 1st week of June. Funding of course not yet finalised.

AMICUS Union application forms can be obtained from Irene Fowley. Membership fee: 2.12 per week.

There will be some amendments made to the Conference program. A preliminary program is available on the web site: Any further volunteers should report to Trevor Wilson.

Night out suggested by Sharon Hardiman. Details to follow !!


Next Meeting: Thursday 3rd July 2003

Belfast City Hospital

Training Room 1 (Behind Windsor House)

Speaker to be confirmed.

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As soon as the minutes are complete, it will be added to this section here.
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